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'Debbie's songs and stories are a daily staple in our house. They are written and told with such beauty joy and magic that my girls have been captivated, as have I been, from day one. Her musical journeys are witty, and unique and have sparked a whole new world of imaginative play for my 4 year old Ella. Maya who is 18 months demands a daily dose of Debbie's animations and songs especially Betty the dog and Jazz cat bad cat. We all find ourselves singing along and its a very much appreciated change from a limp version of wheels on the bus!!!! Thank you Betty and Debbie!!! We love you and also hate pigeons like Betty'.


'These Songs are soothing and comforting as they are about familiar issues and experiences of children around the world' Parent


'Narrative, happy and stimulating, they promote imagination and creativity, as you can picture all the scenes in the songs' 


'Debi has the amazing ability to grab the attention and imagination of any child through her storytelling and songs. The animation in her voice and actions has the audience captivated from start to finish'.


School and Nursery

school & nurseries testimonials

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into the Crafty Tales videos. They were a big success with the children at home and at school! I had really great feedback from lots of teachers who said that the children were completely engaged by your story-telling and instructions for making the crafts. Thank you so much!

Year 5 teacher and  English Lead 

Hawes Down P. Schools

"As a teacher I feel Debi is an invaluable resource. She is adaptable, creative, inspiring, considerate and kind. She respects the children and makes them and their opinions feel valued. We have been privileged to learn about the true art of storytelling".

Miss Fitzgerald

"When Debi visited our class of children with a range of speech and language difficulties she left them buzzing with excitement, repeating the stories and actions, even the more reserved children were joining in. Weeks after,  the class were able to talk about the stories, and their faces lit up. When asked why Debi doesn't use books one child said "because she wants us to imagine it".

 Mrs Philips SEND support

"Debi's presence is eagerly anticipated by the children and staff who are spellbound by her magical tales. She uses repetition in her stories allowing all the children to engage and participate. As they have grown in confidence they've become more interested in telling their own stories, which we feel has definitely impacted on their written as well as verbal skills". Ms Waterman

“We had a very enjoyable session with Debi. She really engaged our (mixed aged) class with her capturing storytelling and catchy songs which the children loved joining in with. Not to mention the actions. The whole class was stirring imaginary pots!” The Family Learning School

‘For our World Book Week Debbie delivered her ‘Crafty Tales’ sessions to our primary school. As this took place during lockdown, Debbie was skilfully able to adapt her sessions to pre-recorded videos of traditional tales from other cultures followed by a crafting activity.

Her Flexibility meant that she produced 4 different sessions for us aimed at different age groups from EYFS all the way up toYr 6, inclusive of SEND children.

The pre-recorded videos meant that all the children were able to access the sessions from home,

or school, and were able to watch them again and again.

Debbie's delivery and performance of the stories was engaging and caught the children's attention and imagination from every age group. The follow up craft activities are a fantastic follow up in involving the children in the story and meant that they had something to show and be proud of afterwards.

The diverse and cultural nature of Debbie's stories enhanced the children's learning and taught them tales they might not otherwise be exposed to.

We loved Debbie's outfit that she wore too!

Although these sessions worked really well as pre-recorded videos, we are looking forward to welcoming Debbie in to our school in person for next year's World Book Week, and would 100% recommend her to other primary schools too.'

Shura Concas Bhatia

English Lead (Hawes Down Primary School

Crafty-Tales Online Classes 

'Debi's Crafty Tales are wonderfully engaging, inspiring and accessible to kids and their parents. Her unique gift of story telling passed on through these fabulous craft sessions encouraged my daughter to create her own stories as well as make puppets to tell them using the skills she learnt. Debi was so encouraging and patient giving the children time to experiment as well as listen and learn'. Parent

Thank you very much for this morning’s session. It was fantastic ! Now I understand why I keep hearing great things about you. ‘R’ really enjoyed it, he’s never been engaged so quickly in front of the screen. He showed everything (his artwork) to daddy being very proud and happy. (parent)

'My children are 2 and 4 yrs and refuse all lessons online EXCEPT for Debbie's !  When you are online with Debbie it’s as if she is in the room! These stories are totally unique and engaging! Debbie's stories are as suitable for the children as they are for the adults and you just can’t help but to sing along! We all love the craft part especially my 4 year old! It’s very engaging and both ages can participate in some form which is excellent! We so look forward to

these sessions! It’s so good to do something a little different from your average class! A mixture of incredible storytelling, beautiful singing and fun crafts! What more could we wish for!'

Debi+Oren Classes

“Thank you both so much for the fantastic session. My little one was transfixed by both the music and the storytelling. It was a unique, classy, interactive show. The performers were so open, warm and generous as well as being hugely talented. We will definitely be coming again and would highly recommend it.” Parent

“We discovered this local gem when my little one was about 4 months old and it quickly became a highlight of our week. The richness of the global musical instruments played by Oren, coupled with magical storytelling from Debbie really makes this group something special. I love how all the babies and toddlers (and adults!!) are invited to become involved in the stories and singing and their natural curiosity to explore the wonderful musical instruments at play is fully encouraged. We are always made to feel so welcome and both Debbie & Oren’s natural ability to conjure up an hour of pure wonderment and escapism is nothing short of magic. I would highly recommend to anyone with a little one who wants to enjoy a journey around the world with some good vibrations and original tales thrown in for good measure!”

Kate & Jude (19 months)

Children's parties

We regularly attend Debi + Oren's classes so we were thrilled when they agreed to do a session at our daughter’s birthday party in the park. They are a one of a kind duo. With their extraordinary energy and infectious joy they turn any environment into a creative and fun experience, be that with babies, toddlers, small or big children! Oren's amazing ability to create all inclusive, relaxed atmosphere and free flow within a different group of children, and Debbie's love and passion for enticing children's imagination with her stories are really exceptional and memorable. They truly are great fun and inspiration for everyone! Could not recommend them enough!

Debbie came at the request of my wife and I to perform a Storytelling session at the joint 4th birthday party for both our daughter and her best friend, so there was quite a large attendance.

Debbie told  her own story and song to the all the children gathered, enthralling them with the tale of a little girl looking for her lost Teddy Bear, encouraging their interactions .

She also told some wonderful West Indian stories which included great call and response songs that she got everyone to join in with.

Debbie was incredibly patient and kind with all the children.

Afterwards lots of parents and children exclaimed enthusiastically how much enjoyed the show,  and many parents asked for Debbie’s details for future bookings.

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