Information for Teachers


Storytelling class for Primary Schools 

Attended by Debi

. Interactive, Diverse, Cultural World Storytelling, containing songs & actions  

. Class Discussion exploring the characters, plot, and message of the story

. Encouragement to retell the story and song in preparation for a   Performance/Display.

Storytelling and Craft class For Primary Schools. 

Attended by Debi

. Interactive, Diverse, Cultural World Storytelling, containing songs & actions  

. Class Discussion exploring the characters, plot, and message of the story

. Visually presented craft demonstration of mask making, props or models

. Encouragement to retell the story or create their own story using the artwork   created in preparation for a Performance/Display.

Storytelling and Craft class For Nursery Schools. format:-

Attended by Debi

. Interactive, Diverse, Cultural World Storytelling, containing songs & actions  

. Simple age appropriate demonstration using simple materials (recycled) of mask 

  making, props or character models

. Encouragement to retell the story or create their own story using the artwork   created.

Storytelling and music class for EY/FS KS1 & 2

Attended by Debi plus a professional musician

. Interactive, Diverse, Cultural World Storytelling, containing songs, music & actions  

. Participation of the children with percussion instruments and singing

Storytelling workshop:- 

Teaching Year 5 & 6, to tell stories to the younger children

. Tell World Stories

. Creating story maps to enable children to be able to retell the story  

. Practise and build confidence in being able share a story with others


All Classes cover:-

. Cross-curricular topics or IPC units

. Cover Special events 

. Special projects



Classes can support :-

. Literacy

. Art

. Music

. Drama

All Classes contain Resources:-

. Access to pdfs of suggested materials and equipment. 

. Supporting staff with planning – developing creative teaching resources / 

  themes of work 

. Larger scale collaborative projects – resulting in new artworks for school 


. Special projects

. Topic-based activity

Nursery School Class outcome:-  

Stories are a powerful learning tool for children and in many ways. They help to make sense of the world.

When Debi shares her interactive stories she allows children to engage at their own pace and lets them watch until they feel comfortable enough to join in.

Many of her stories contain aspects of repetition which makes participating easier.  

Towards the end of the session Debi encourages the children to create their own stories. By celebrating and supporting children’s storytelling in this way, she helps them become more confident, articulate, empathetic and creative, giving them strong foundations for learning.


All Classes Increase confidence in EY/FS

  • Communication

  • Language Development

  • Physical Development

  • Personal, Social & Emotional

  • Expressive Arts

  • Verbal, Communication and Fine motor skills

  • Creative expression

Primary School Class outcome:-  

The preferred outcome may be a performance or opportunity to showcase the children's work,  we believe this to be a good qualitative measure of a child’s progress, and can increase a feeling of pride in their work. We also believe the process, in itself, can be just as valuable as the outcome

Impact of the class:-

. Progression of pupils’ skills throughout the term / year

. Inspired staff with the skills, confidence and resources 

. Visible and vibrant creative school culture

. Creative approaches embedded into schemes of work and teachers practice

. Enhanced school environment


The recognised values of these classes are that they allow the children to:-


. Become immersed in the stories and songs, which increases their willingness to   

  participate, and in turn their confidence grows.


.  Increase their knowledge of various cultures and social

  issues through world stories


.  Find the stories and songs so memorable that it makes the

  re-telling and repeating much easier

.  See that music helps the body and the mind work together


.  Understand a narrative, igniting a passion for creating their     

   own stories and songs


.  Create artwork, which enhances their focus and unlocks

   their creativity as well as improve motor skills


.  Embrace the creative, all inclusive atmosphere to gain a

   sense of unity, freedom, self acceptance and self expression 




These sessions cover many of the cross curricular requirements within literacy, music drama and art, and in addition:

.  The children's development is enhanced in the areas of

   intellectual, social-emotional, fine and gross motor and language skills


.  Support pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Suggested Materials for Craft activity:- 

It's not important to have all these material, only the ones marked in 

red are particularly helpful 

Paper, light card,  

recycled card (cereal packets etc.)

recycled paper (magazines, newspaper etc)

paper plates, coloured tissue paper, kitchen paper, paper tissues,

pipe cleaners, twigs, sticks, bbq skewers, paper straws,   

wool, string, cotton

cotton wool fabric scraps, fake fur scraps

any stickers, gems, feathers 

Pens, crayons, coloured pencils, paints(paint pens are great) 

scissors (age appropriate)

cellotape,  glue, masking tape




Debi always leave the teachers with a wealth of opportunity to use the stories, songs, music and artwork in future lessons or for performances and displays.

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​“We had a very enjoyable session with Debi. She really engaged our (mixed aged) class with her capturing storytelling and catchy songs which the children loved joining in with. Not to mention the actions. The whole class was stirring imaginary pots!” The Family Learning School



World Braille Day

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Burns Night


RSPB Big Garden bird watch weekend


Chinese New Year

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day


UNICEF Day for change

Chinese New Year

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National nest box week

Shrove Tuesday Pancake day

International Mother Language Day

UNESCO Celebrate & promote cultural diversity


Fairtrade Fortnight

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ST David's Day (wales)

World Book Day(1st Thursday)

World Maths Day (1st Wednesday)

International Women's Day 

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