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Debbie Sanders.Debisongs Originator.Songwriter.Singer.Storyteller.Video creator.animator.creative

Debbie was born in Catford, South East London and grew up in Bromley. she has a brother renowned drummer and improviser Mark Sanders, and a sister Anna.

Mark heavily influenced Debbie's early musical taste as she'd listen to whatever music he was into. At school she realised she loved singing and used to sing to her friends, most requested song was Gloria Gaynor's 'I will survive' .

my beautiful mum Ella


In her early teens she heard Punk music and was totally excited by it's energy. She joined  friends rehearsing and performing in local garage bands and eventually joined a girl band called 'The Spiders' who performed and supporting bands like 'The Nips'. 

In her twenties Debbie starting working with Bands like

'Chapter and The Verse' and 'Skylab' touring and recording.


Debbie Sanders in Chapter and The Verse
Debbie sang with Skylab

 Aged 30 Debbie had her first child Stan, and didn't feel that touring with bands worked for her anymore, so with the encouragement from her best friend Jan Blake (world renowned storyteller) and armed with some great Afro Caribbean stories, Debbie moved into storytelling in schools. She absolutely fell in love with storytelling and the impact it had on children. Going on to have two more children and continuing storytelling, Debbie found herself writing and recording her own children Songs.

Learning music programmes was a real struggle at first, but eventually she amassed a catalogue of musical stories and songs. She took these songs to her good friend and former band member, Skylab's Matty Ducasse, he really liked them and agreed to produce some of them. Also Debbie was fortunate to have some of Britains greatest jazz musicians play on her tracks, as well as the chance to work with another former band member, Chapter and the Verse's Aniff Cousins on other tracks.

Debbie now incorporates her songs into her storytelling sessions, and joins forces with other musicians like Oren Marshall to run creative classes for families. She

Still enjoys performing with various artists including her brother Mark Sanders's outfit Staggerlee Wonders. Alongside Mark she has also performed with Saxophonist and composer Rachael Musson at Cheltenham Jazz Festival the for radio 3's Jazz Now, and at Cafe Oto, on Rachael's composition 'I went This Way'.  

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Debi has worked with Mati (Matty Ducasse)  for many years, having sung in Matty's Band 'Skylab'. When she began writing her children's songs, he was her first port-of-call to help produce them, adding his magic and humour, he made the songs Shine, Ping, Buzz, and Zing ! Together they have amassed a huge catalogue of Debi 'n' Mati Songs.

They love to perform together and have performed at Camp Bestival

Debi + Mati at Camp Bestival Colours/Spring Spring Spring


Debbie was introduced to Oren and his 'Jazz for Toddlers' classes and immediately appreciated the calm and embracing atmosphere he had created. Something magical happened when they joined their skills of Storytelling and Music, and a wonderful class for adults, babies and young children evolved.

Recently Debi and Oren produced an album of  'Belly of the Whale stories and songs for the family'

Debi+Oren's improvised music and storytelling classes Babies toddlers children's and parents