Debbie's songs and stories are a daily staple in our house. They are written and told with such beauty joy and magic that my girls have been captivated, as have I been, from day one. Her musical journeys are witty, and unique and have sparked a whole new world of imaginative play for my 4 year old. Parent

Debbie's YouTube channel contains 

her ever expanding collection of 

animated stories and songs plus 

storytelling and music videos.

A place where parents are happy to let their children 

visit and see Debbie storytelling and meet characters like Jazz Cat, Betty Bulldog and Teddy Bear.

Instagram image by Pete Sanders. BettyBettyBulldog by Debisongs

Debbie posts pictures of current projects, songs, artwork

information about classes being held, animations and her instagram live @    

Debisongsandstories'  . 

Even Debbie's bulldog Betty has her instagram account ! BettyBettyBulldog

with funny videos and animations showing what she gets up to and what's on her mind

Join Debbie on her facebook pages

Debisongs and Debi+Oren

and keep up to date with her classes, collaborations and classes with Oren Marshall

latest song releases and creative projects