The Storyteller

'Debi has the amazing ability to grab the attention and imagination of any child through her storytelling and songs'.

Debi is an experienced storyteller specialising  in working with families with babies and young children in the community.She also works in schools, nurseries and online.

 Her style of world storytelling keep children and adults captivated. Many of the world stories she shares are of the African, Afro-Caribbean and African American tradition and  incorporate songs, rhythm and movement. 

Debi loves creating videos and animations to accompany her songs and stories 


Debi offers bespoke classes of Interactive, diverse cultural World Stories that contain songs & actions.  

.She encourages class discussion exploring the characters, plot, and message of the story. Most classes conclude with the children retelling.

Debi leaves the teachers with a wealth of resources for future classes, performances or displays.

"As a teacher I feel Debi is an invaluable resource. She is adaptable, creative, inspiring, considerate and kind. She respects the children and makes them and their opinions feel valued. We have been privileged to learn about the true art of storytelling".

year 1 Primary Teacher

Debi currently works with world renowned multi-instrumentalist Oren Marshall where together they create a unique opportunity for interactive sharing of music songs and stories.  A sense of community where babies children and adults can enjoy the freedom of expression and learning together.  


Full of Stories and Songs that they share in the classes they run for children and families.

The digital album, comes with a  book full of great illustrations, lyrics and creative activities for the whole family to do.

There's also some great merchandise.

"Thank you Debi and Oren for making this beautiful album and book! To anyone who hasn't purchased it yet. DO IT NOW! My kids love it" Parent