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Debbie Sanders  has built a career specialising in early years and Key stage 1, telling  traditional Afro-Caribbean and world stories, singing her own songs and sharing her musical stories.  She creates a fully immersive experience, sometimes working alongside musicians. The children are encouraged to explore the art of sharing stories, music and song. In recent years she has been collaborating with the great tuba player and multi-instrumentalist Oren Marshall running their 'Belly of the Whale' classes.  

"Narrative, happy and stimulating, they promote imagination and creativity, as you can picture all the scenes in the songs".parent

"As a teacher I feel Debi is an invaluable resource. She is adaptable, creative, inspiring, considerate and kind. She respects the children and makes them and their opinions feel valued. We have been privileged to learn about the true art of storytelling".

Miss Fitzgerald

Parent, Baby and Toddler Classes

"Debi has the amazing ability to grab the attention and imagination of any child through her storytelling. The animation in her voice and actions has the audience captivated from start to finish". Parent



MONDAYS 3.30 - 4.30PM




These popular classes are for Parents and carers with babies, toddlers and kids 8 years and under.  Oren introduces a variety of musical instruments, their vibrations and sounds, and accompanies Debi as she shares interactive world stories and songs. The atmosphere in  the classes is inclusive and friendly. Everyone has a part to play, there are no mistakes, but plenty of singing and laughter. No audience, but lots of participants.

“Thank you both so much for the fantastic session. My little one was transfixed by both the music and the storytelling. It was a unique, classy, interactive show. The performers were so open, warm and generous as well as being hugely talented. We will definitely be coming again and would highly recommend it.”

Cross Curricular Storytelling Workshops in schools

Debbie is experienced in running cross curricular workshops, tailoring to individual requirement s she collaborates with professional artists, dancers, film makers and musicians. Over an allocated amount of time the children are inspired by a story or song to use their creativity to produce artwork, whether it be a storyboard and props, or artwork, they aim toward a finished piece, be it a performance, music video or exhibit.

The Peacock and Dragon story workshop

"When Debi visited our class of children with a range of speech and language difficulties she left them buzzing with excitement, repeating the stories and actions. Even the more reserved children were joining in. weeks after the class were able to talk about the stories, and their faces lit up.. When asked why Debi doesn't use books one child said "because she wants us to imagine it".

Lower langauge class Mrs Philips

Debi's presence is eagerly anticipated by the children and staff who are spellbound by her magical tales. She uses repetition in her stories allowing all the children to engage and participate. As they have grown in confidence they've become more interested in telling their own stories, which we feel has definitely impacted on their written as well as verbal skills. Ms Waterman