The Songwriter
For Children aged 1 TO 101  

Songs that are great for the whole family to listen to. Songs that help parents introduce various health, social and emotional issues to their children age 2 - 8 years in creative humorous and inspiring ways

'As any parent will attest, sometimes a small child's idea of good music can be an adults worst nightmare. If one belief underpins Debbie Sanders' songwriting, it's that there's a world of difference between kids songs and songs that will appeal to kids. Leaning firmly towards the latter, Debisongs' bring a  collection of

quality music to children'

Pete Paphides

'Hey' is one of Debi's

very first recordings

once she had taught herself how to use

music software

HEY 1-01.png

A song to help parents get the message across that 'It's time for bed!' and 'Kid's need their sleep to be ready for the day ahead'

'Debi's songs and stories are a daily staple in our house. They are written and told with such beauty joy and magic that my girls have been captivated, as have I been, from day one. Her musical journeys are witty, and unique and have sparked a whole new world of imaginative play for my kids.

We all find ourselves singing along and its a very much appreciated change from a limp version of wheels on the bus!'