'As any parent will attest, sometimes a small child's idea of good music can be an adults worst nightmare. If one belief underpins Debi's songwriting, it's that there's a world of difference between kids songs and songs that will appeal to kids. leaning firmly towards the latter, Debisongs' bring a  collection of quality music to children'

Pete Paphides

Coming from a musical background, Debi was inspired to write her own songs for children. She has crafted these in the various musical genres that she loves, and they cover a myriad of subject matters. Some come as a series of musical stories that feature characters such as Jazz Cat, Teddy Bear and Mitzy Morgan Taylor the intrepid girl sailor. Others are fun, educational or just great dance tracks.  Debi has had the good fortune to collaborate with some of Britains greatest jazz musicians on many of her songs. 


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Debi has worked with Mati (Matty Ducasse)  for many years, having sung in Matty's Band 'Skylab'. When she began writing her children's songs, he was her first port-of-call to help produce them, adding his magic and humour, he made the songs Shine, Ping, Buzz, and Zing ! Together they have amassed a huge catalogue of Debi 'n' Mati Songs.

They love to perform together and have performed at Camp Bestival

performance at Camp Bestival


'Grumpy Grumpy Father Christmas was a collaboration with Deb's good friend and former 'Chapter and the Verse' bandmate Big Babba (aka  Aniff ) for their trappy style Christmas special