'As any parent will attest, sometimes a small child's idea of good music can be an adults worst nightmare. If one belief underpins Debi's songwriting, it's that there's a world of difference between kids songs and songs that will appeal to kids. leaning firmly towards the latter, Debisongs' bring a  collection of quality music to children'

Pete Paphides


Debi has worked with Mati (Matty Ducasse)  for many years, having sung in Matty's Band 'Skylab'. When she began writing her children's songs, he was her first port-of-call to help produce them, adding his magic and humour, he made the songs Shine, Ping, Buzz, and Zing ! Together they have amassed a huge catalogue of Debi 'n' Mati Songs.

They love to perform together and have performed at Camp Bestival

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Colours, the debut release by Debisongs, offers a portal back into that world. As its title indicates, it’s an exploration into the world of colour. With its irresistible dubby rhythm and the sinuous jazz inflections of Debbie Sanders’ vocals, Colours is quite unlike anything else that answers to the name of children’s music. You might even find yourself leaving it on after you’ve dropped them off at school.

Written by Debbie Sanders Produced and arranged by Matty DuCasse

we love teddy bear

"Sometimes it’s easy to forget how we made sense of the world when we were still new to it all – those first few years, when we absorbed information faster than we could process it and, amid that sensory overload, we held on tight to the things that we knew made us feel safe and happy. 

This is the world in which songs like Me & Ted, New Friend and Supermarket take place. These songs impart the world through the innocent eyes of early childhood. Snapshots of their young protagonists’ everyday lives and they adventures they have with their beloved bears".Pete Paphides

Written, performed and produced by Debi.

Additional performances by Dean Brodrick

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Debi has been lucky enough to work with some of Britains greatest Jazz musicians on her collection of Jazz songs for children, one of these being the Jazz Cat series, 'Jazz Cat A Winter Tail' is the third in this series. featuring Paul Rogers, Neil Metcalfe, Mark Sanders and Dean Brodrick

Grumpy Grumpy Father Christmas

Debi teamed up with her good friend and former band member from 'Chapter and the verse' Big Babba (aka Aniff ) to create this Trappy style Christmas song, all about Santa and his special helpers.


This is one of Debi's first tracks from the Jazz Cat collection featuring Paul Rogers and Neil Metcalfe, and also Debi's daughter Tori



This beautifully illustrated book is accompanied with a cd of the song. 

A series of jazz songs about the adventures of a mischievous, unpredictable feline, who is always somehow getting into scrapes. The stories are told through the perspective of the little girl who loves him dearly.

Written by Debbie Sanders and illustrated by Pete Sanders


This  first instalment tells how Jazz with all the mischief he causes get his watery comeuppance