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* aka  Matty Skylab

* prefers  to refer to himself in the third person.

* Born  April 24th 1960 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Matty has been involved in making music properly since 1994 when his first album Skylab #1 came out, a collaboration with producers and musicians Howie B and Major Force from Japan, which also has Debbie on it.









Since then he has collaborated with various producers, artists, and musicians and singers over his long, long years as a musician, producer, improviser, remixer, writer and whatnot, from writing for pop crew Xenomania, working with producers William Orbit and David Holmes, experimental musicians such as Lascelle Gordon and Maggie Nicols, Freak Out Band Flowers of Sulphur, Avant- Punk Supergroup The Girls,  to sonic and musical installations and performances with artists Abigail Lane, Tracey Emin, Paul Fryer and C.A. Halpin, has DJ’d an anarchist style extensively in Engand Japan and the USA, both solo and as part of chaos DJ troupe Skylab Sound Systems and produced various mixes for various Radio Stations as well as music for TV and that. He also paints and writes and makes short films, is the proud father of two sons, one daughter and two stepsons, all grown up now really, no sign of any grandchildren however, can you believe it,  and lives in London with the lovely Astrid with whom he collaborates on mixtapes in bespoke and elaborate packaging and other deluxe items as Disqo Conqrette. He is currently producing a covers album with Maggie Nicols, producing Library Music, continues writing his extensive memoirs, preparing for a film soundtrack, trying to get his computer to work, and working on the Debisongs project which he thinks is the best thing ever. 

Debi + Mati at Camp Bestival
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