Having been lucky enough to have some of Britains greatest Jazz musicians and improvisers contribute, with their great versatility they have helped shape many of Debbie's Songs, including The Jazz Cat Series.

A collection of musical stories that have usually evolved from the cool bass lines of Paul Rogers. They tell of the adventures of Jazz cat, a cheeky unpredictable feline, who is always somehow getting into scrapes.

In this first instalment, The mischievous Jazz Cat heads out in search of a fishy dinner and gets more than he bargained for, thanks to an equally mischievous mouse.

Jazz Cat Bad Cat 

Jazz is missing and everyone's so worried about him, lost in the snow ! but the little girl who loves him dearly refuses to give up looking for him, and in fact she gets help from a new friend. 

Jazz Cat A Winter Tail

Aimed at kids aged 7 and under,  Teddy Bear Songs are written from the child's perspective, so they are easily relatable.

Each song tells the story of a different child and the adventures they have with their Teddy

Jazzy Cat with his wicked ways has gone too far this time, and he is banished from the family's brand new cafe. Will he ever be allowed back ? 

"These Songs are soothing and comforting as they are about familiar issues and experiences of children around the world" Parent

EP of 6 tracks Available to download or stream

Due for release

Jazz Cat Wicked Cat

Also available as cd with illustrated lyrics booklet plus free download 
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"Narrative, happy and stimulating, they promote imagination and creativity, as you can picture all the scenes in the songs".parent


Mitzy Morgan Taylor

The series of songs that tell the story of an intrepid girl sailor, who sets out in search of a precious gem. This adventure takes her around the world where she makes many friends.. but does she ever find the gem ?

The illustrations for these stories and  many others are created by Debi's father Pete Sanders.

Mina Minou

These stories were inspired by and began with, musical sessions with some incredible improvisers:- Mark Sanders (Debi's brother), paul Rogers and Neil metcalfe. The stories are about an inquisitive mouse who leaves the family nest in search of spring and finds more than he bargained for.