STORYTELLER & songwriter


Debi has been storytelling for many years, 

Specialising working with early years, she works with families, schools and nurseries.

The stories Debi tells are from around the world, many being from the African

and Afro Caribbean tradition. These interactive stories incorporate songs, rhythms and movement, she also shares her own songs and musical stories.

'Your stories have ignited something magical for Ella, she tells stories and acts them out and asks to be told stories all day long and I have never seen Maya so still as when she's watching your stories. We have been very lucky that you have given your time every week, it's so so appreciated. Oh and Ella was so happy when you used her name in the story!'.

Debi runs her online storytelling and craft classes for families, schools and nurseries


Debi also runs storytelling classes and assemblies where she focuses purely on sharing her interactive world stories and songs with children in nurseries and primary schools.


Teaming up with Multi instrumentalist Oren Marshall,  running classes that combine storytelling, improvised music and songs


Coming from a musical background, Debi writes songs for children. She writes using styles and genres that inspire her, be it dance songs, educational songs or musical stories. 

Her aim is to help children make sense of the world around them while having fun. 

Working with other creatives, Debi produces animations and videos to go with some of her songs. Visit her channel to see these and her storytelling videos.


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