Debbie runs bespoke, cross curricular classes and workshops that can cater to many of your school's or nursery's needs, be it  particular subject matter, celebrations or events.

The interactive stories Debbie tells often contain songs and rhythms.  

They help develop social and cultural understanding, 

as well as  support literacy, verbal and motor skills.

Her classes build children's confidence in many areas.

Also offering classes which incorporate music with the storytelling as Debbie collaborates with various London based musicians such as Oren Marshall, world renowned multi instrumentalist and teacher,    

  (EYFS 1)    (EYFS 2)    (KS1)    (KS2)


(Storytelling and singing)

Beginning with Debbie's storytelling and songs from around the world, the children learn singing skills including warm up exercises, singing  rounds, and call and response. They learn the songs that are contained in the stories, and also some of Debbie’s own penned children songs. As well as being a very enjoyable experience the children are confidently able to retell a story and sing the songs.



(Storytelling with art)

After Debbie shares a few World stories, the children are encouraged to discuss which  story they liked best and why, and what they think the characters looked like. Then with the support from Sandy Goddard a multi media artist and educator, they then have the opportunity to use the materials provided to produce props e.g the story's characters, objects or scenery for the purpose of the children re-telling of the story

Fruitful Tales

(Storytelling, improvised music and songs)

These classes consist of Debbie telling world stories and world class musician, Oren Marshall who will introduce the children to a variety of  instruments, and teach them rhythms and improvisation. We will encourage the children to join us in singing the songs and express themselves with the percussion and even take on the retelling of the story.


Little Whale Tales

Project with year 5 pupils culminating with a day of filming.



The preferred outcome may be a performance or opportunity to showcase the children's work,  we believe this to be a good qualitative measure of a child’s progress, and can increase a feeling of pride in their work. We also believe the process, in itself, can be just as valuable as the outcome. 

The recognised values of these classes are that they allow the children to:-

.  Become immersed in the stories and songs, which

   increases their willingness to participate, and in turn their

   confidence grows.       

.  Find the stories and songs so memorable that it makes the

   re-telling and repeating much easier

.  See that music helps the body and the mind work together.  

.  Understand a narrative, igniting a passion for creating their     own         stories and songs.

.  Increase their knowledge of various cultures and social

    issues through world stories.       

.  Create artwork, which enhances their focus and unlocks

   their creativity 

.  Embrace the creative, all inclusive atmosphere to gain a

   sense of unity, freedom, self acceptance and self expression. 




These sessions cover many of the cross curricular requirements within literacy, music drama and art, and in addition:

.   The children's development is enhanced in the areas of

    intellectual, social-emotional, fine and gross motor and language      skills.       

.  Support pupils with SEND


As these are bespoke classes we can cater to your needs, covering specific themes or events including  black history month and world book day.  


Our classes always leave the teachers with a wealth of opportunity  

to use the stories, songs, music and art forms in future lessons or for performances and displays.

Debbie is DBS checked, has safeguarding children level 1,

Family 1st aid certificate, and public liability insurance.