As a unique addition to your children's party, Debbie Sanders and Oren Marshall will attend your child's party and share Interactive World Stories, Original Songs and music. Bringing everyone together and leaving the children with treasured memories.

Due to the lockdown situation

Parties can be held in parks and maybe under large Gazebos

We regularly attend Debi + Oren's classes so we were thrilled when they agreed to do a session at our daughter’s birthday party in the park. They are a one of a kind duo. With their extraordinary energy and infectious joy they turn any environment into a creative and fun experience, be that with babies, toddlers, small or big children! Oren's amazing ability to create all inclusive, relaxed atmosphere and free flow within a different group of children, and Debbie's love and passion for enticing children's imagination with her stories are really exceptional and memorable. They truly are great fun and inspiration for everyone! Could not recommend them enough!

Debbie and Oren Marshall world acclaimed tuba player and multi instrumentalist, they will combine interactive stories with rhythms, music and songs, once again suited to the party's theme and using the birthdays child's name as the main character within the stories. They will share interactive songs and encourage the children (and adults) to play along with the percussion instruments supplied.


additional cost for travel outside SE London


Debbie came at the request of my wife and I to perform a Storytelling session at the joint 4th birthday party for both our daughter and her best friend, so there was quite a large attendance.

Debbie told  her own story and song to the all the children gathered, enthralling them with the tale of a little girl looking for her lost Teddy Bear, encouraging their interactions .

She also told some wonderful West Indian stories which included great call and response songs that she got everyone to join in with.

Debbie was incredibly patient and kind with all the children.

Afterwards lots of parents and children exclaimed enthusiastically how much enjoyed the show,  and many parents asked for Debbie’s details for future bookings.

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