10am ~ 4 pm ~ 6pm 




£5 per devise/family 

For children age 2 - 6 years

Debbie combines interactive world storytelling and songs

with crafts, be it model or mask making, scenery or props.

These stories and activities cater to all ages and abilities. They help children develop motor and verbal skills, give them confidence in their ideas and abilities, while encouraging them to become storytellers themselves!! 

 Most importantly....  they are a lot of fun !!

Great for all the family


'Debi's Crafty Tales are wonderfully engaging, inspiring and accessible to kids and their parents. Her unique gift of story telling passed on through these fabulous craft sessions encouraged my daughter to create her own stories as well as make puppets to tell them using the skills she learnt. Debi was so encouraging and patient giving the children time to experiment as well as listen and learn'. Parent

Thank you very much for this morning’s session. It was fantastic ! Now I understand why I keep hearing great things about you. ‘R’ really enjoyed it, he’s never been engaged so quickly in front of the screen. He showed everything (his artwork) to daddy being very proud and happy. (parent)

for additional  dates and times 

private sessions or parties

please contact Debi

Suggested materials for the class, please don't worry if you don't have all these,

as we can always work around what we have!

 paper, card, paper plates, coloured tissue paper, kitchen roll tubes

paints (paint pens are great) pens, crayons

scissors (age appropriate), cellotape,  glue,

any stickers, gems, feather, pipe cleaners, sticks, twigs, straws, wool, fabric scraps.

Debi will send you details of any other materials needed, a few days before the class.

  • Storytelling, Songs, Crafts and Fun for age 2 - 6 yrs & the family

    Wednesday, Friday

    45 min

    5 British pounds


'My children are 2 and 4 yrs and refuse all lessons online EXCEPT for Debbie's !  When you are online with Debbie it’s as if she is in the room! These stories are totally unique and engaging! Debbie's stories are as suitable for the children as they are for the adults and you just can’t help but to sing along! We all love the craft part especially my 4 year old! It’s very engaging and both ages can participate in some form which is excellent! We so look forward to

these sessions! It’s so good to do something a little different from your average class! A mixture of incredible storytelling, beautiful singing and fun crafts! What more could we wish for!'

These bespoke, cross curricular classes cater to many of the needs of schools and nurseries. 

The class begins with Debi telling an interactive world story, usually containing a song, rhythms and movements, capturing the children's imagination and encouraging participation.

This is followed by a short discussion with the class on the characters of the story. Then the craft part of the class begins, as Debi, using simple craft and recyclable materials, demonstrates some simple techniques and ideas for the children to follow, as they create the story's characters.

These 'Crafty Tales' classes  can be adapted for  all ages and abilities, and can cover many themes and subjects.    

They encourage an appreciation of diversity and culture, they support literacy, verbal, social and motor skills,  and can encourage creative expression  

and increase confidence.  


The preferred outcome may be a performance or opportunity to showcase the children's work,  we believe this to be a good qualitative measure of a child’s progress, and can increase a feeling of pride in their work. We also believe the process, in itself, can be just as valuable as the outcome. 

The recognised values of these classes are that they allow the children to:-


.  Become immersed in the stories and songs, which

   increases their willingness to participate, and in turn their

   confidence grows.       

.  Find the stories and songs so memorable that it makes the

   re-telling and repeating much easier

.  See that music helps the body and the mind work together.  

.  Understand a narrative, igniting a passion for creating their     

   own  stories and songs.

.  Increase their knowledge of various cultures and social

    issues through world stories.       

.  Create artwork, which enhances their focus and unlocks

   their creativity 

.  Embrace the creative, all inclusive atmosphere to gain a

   sense of unity, freedom, self acceptance and self expression. 




These sessions cover many of the cross curricular requirements within literacy, music drama and art, and in addition:

.   The children's development is enhanced in the areas of

    intellectual, social-emotional, fine and gross motor and language skills.       

.  Support pupils with SEND


As these are bespoke classes we can cater to your needs, covering specific themes or events including  black history month and world book day.  


Our classes always leave the teachers with a wealth of opportunity  

to use the stories, songs, music and art forms in future lessons or for performances and displays.





Debbie is DBS checked, has safeguarding children level 1,

Family 1st aid certificate, and public liability insurance.